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Update on station status

OK I am about to get personal for just a moment about us, The owners of The Link Most of you I am sure have noticed that we have been off of live and on the server for a while. Let me explain; We are a home based radio station run from our house. and up until a few months ago we have had no trouble bringing you the best music and programming that we felt led to bring you. However our living situation has changed to an temporary stay at a extended stay hotel for an undetermined amount of time. The reason behind this is a long story that I will not go into at this time. However we are not able to broadcast live right now. We will be staying on the air through the server. Unfortunately, this will be with a bunch of commercials from Live 365. We are working on fixing our financial situation so that we can get back the Station that you all know as "The Link". Until then Thank you to all of you for staying with us and being such great and loyal listeners.


Important Information


The Link Radio is a Christ based station playing Christian music. The Link Radio is a Privately owned and operated broadcast station under the ownership and management of Merton and Angie Beaudion. Other than donations received by listeners we receive no funding from any other source.  

Although "The Link" and other Program partners we use on "The Link" run together in a lot of areas, We are all separate Ministries with common Godly interests. Because of this we work together as a team on "The Link" to accomplish this result. "The Link" has no affiliation to or financial funding from any of these Ministries. All comercials you hear on the station are placed on the site by our Streaming company and we receive no financial compensation for them.


Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed on the shows played on this station aren't necessarily those of The Link Radio, it's staff or any affiliate of The Link Radio. If a topic that is discussed on one of the shows that we air is considered offensive or you feel needs attention please feel free to e-mail us at or use the Contact Us . We promise to look into the situation as quickly as possible. However, for a quicker and more personal answer, we do request that you also take your concern to the source of the show themselves. Thanks!



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